Chlorella Supplements for a Healthy Life

Chlorella Growth Factor

The chlorella growth factor (CGF) is the ability of chlorella to reproduce its DNA several times a day and stimulate the growth of its own cells. Scientists have found that chlorella can regenerate itself every 20 to 24 hours. Studies have shown that chlorella and its CGF can stimulate growth and tissue repair in humans and animals.

Chlorella Health Benefits

Chlorella is a type of algae and is composed of chlorophyll. It is the main source of the green water that you see in ponds and aquariums. It feeds on sunlight, carbon dioxide and oxygen and a tiny amount of minerals in the water. Chlorella has been found to be a source of nutrients that benefit the body in many ways. The nutrients in chlorella are; protein, fat, carbohydrates, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals. It is commercially grown in Asia for use in supplements and foods.
There are many health benefits from using chlorella. For one, chlorella is known as a complete food. It contains a compete protein that is comparable to eating meat. It contains all of the B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E and all of the main minerals. Green foods are naturally high in magnesium, chlorophyll and vitamins. Chlorella is one of the most powerful green foods available and is often referred to as “super food.” Chlorella is also a good source of Vitamin B-12 for vegetarians.

Chlorella Growth Factor Overview

Chlorella Growth Factor
The chlorella growth factor (CGF) is a substance found in the nucleus of the algae that can stimulate rapid growth in cells and is only found in this type of algae. Growth factor in general is a substance in the body that tells our cells to regenerate and grow. Some are calling this substance the “fountain of youth.” Chlorella growth factor is now being widely used in the alternative and mainstream medical communities and is purported to improve health on many levels.
Chlorella growth factor stimulates the cells in the body to regenerate quickly. It is used as a complimentary therapy in cancer treatment, wound care, treatment of depression and memory loss. Some studies have even experimented with its use in children with poor growth and development.
In cancer treatment, chlorella growth factor can stimulate the growth of healthy cells, but not cancer cells. Studies show that chlorella can increase the life expectancy of cancer patients. It works by boosting the body’s immune system to fight off the cancer cells. It is used in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Chlorella As An Anti-oxident

Chlorella growth factor is thought to be a powerful anti-oxidant and helps to build the immune system while cleansing the body of toxins. This can help maximize the body’s defense against diseases and increase healing time. Because of the anti-oxidant properties, chlorella growth factor is claimed to help cleanse the body of heavy metals such as; mercury or lead. This is the benefit in memory loss and depression since, studies have shown that exposure to heavy metals have profound effects on the brain.
In growth deficiencies in children, chlorella growth factor is a safe way to supplement without undesirable side effects. The growth factor provides increased growth while the chlorella supplies essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Chlorella growth factor may also be able to prevent cavities and tumor formation in children. Studies have shown that children who used chlorella had less childhood illness and showed growth rates that were higher than their peers who did not use it.
There are many beneficial qualities of chlorella growth hormone, but it is important to notify your physician if you begin using any new supplements. Seeking information is the first step to enjoying the many benefits of chlorella growth factor.